On Message

Cover of the book On Message: How a Compelling Message Will Help Your Organization Succeed, by Zach Friend

A groundbreaking, step-by-step guide on how to master a powerful narrative, get your point across, and achieve long-term results in your business, nonprofit, or campaign.

About On Message:

•  Learn how to focus your communication efforts in a dramatically more powerful way on the most important factor, narrative

•  Master the mindset needed to become a better communicator and make a forceful impact on your audience and clients

•  Stop wasting time and energy gathering unnecessary facts and data that don’t advance your message

•  Get results faster by using narrative as a productive tool that will fuel success

In this era of information overload and real-time communication where anyone can publish and broadcast to millions of people with the click of a button, there is no shortage of people talking about the need to get their message across, or having a “narrative.” But for business, marketing, and political campaigns, there is no definitive how-to on crafting a compelling narrative that achieves lasting results. And without a narrative, no amount of framing, complex messaging, or facts will succeed.

In On Message, Zach Friend solves that problem, illustrating how effective communicators understand the power of narrative, emotion, and simple messaging, and posits that having a personal, emotional narrative is the basis for all successful communication.

Drawing on ’s own experience and insights from politics, advertising, corporate communications, entertainment, and social psychology, On Message provides a simple process for applying the powerful principles behind crafting a narrative, ultimately paving the path to success. 

Paperback: 230 pages
Publisher: Turner (September 17, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 162045372X
ISBN-13: 978-1620453728

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